How would you like to place reality on hold for a moment and capture the joyful play of your child and their friends as they sail the high seas in search of mystical treasures; or wish themselves into princesses or superstar pop singers?

At Lights! Camera! Birthday! we come to your home or other birthday venue and bring your child’s and their playmates’ imagination and dreams to life. Their themed movie captures them forever in a Hollywood-caliber movie short that you can treasure as a keepsake for years to come. We’re former broadcast television and radio writers and producers with years of experience directing talent, writing screenplays and delivering meaningful stories that come to life on the screen. We believe there is nothing more powerful, more believable or more real than a young child’s imagination, and we specialize in capturing that magic so that you can re-live it again and again.

Celebrate your child’s next birthday with us.

You won’t just walk away with a movie, you’ll walk away holding a durable moment in time when your child’s imagination was real, their friends were close and the laughs came from the heart.

Your Child Is A Star

You pick a from a variety of movie scripts, we show up to your home with our Mobile Movie Studio and your child shines as a star in their own movie, supported by a cast of their party guest!

Ready … Action!

Once you have selected your movie theme, you’ll find costumes, scripts and more to help your movie cast get into character. Lights! Camera! Birthday! will direct the action from start to finish to ensure a blockbuster experience!

Play It Again and Again

Every member of the cast receives their own DVD copy of the movie, with rolling credits, music, sound effects and a funny bloopers reel at the end so they can watch and enjoy over and over again!

Imagination Takes Center Stage

Lights! Camera! Birthday! offers a long list of themes that allow your birthday child and their friends to truly experience the joy of imagination and movie magic!